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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ready for Wreaths?

We recently attended a craft show. Not really sure why I didn't take a boat load of pics. Probably because the vendors highly discourage it, and I totally get that. But this guy gave people permission to do it. So naturally, I whipped out the phone.

Does anyone besides me think this Santa looks frightened from that angle?!


  1. I am laughing- I'm not sure if he looks frightened or frightening...Love the idea of that wreath though. I don't think I have ever seen a lusher wreath than the 2nd one. Wow! Diana

  2. He's a bit disturbing looking to me...but the work is beautiful. LOL.

  3. LOL! I was thinking that very same thing. Even with his frightened look, it is beautiful!


  4. Hi! Diana, now that you mentioned it!I went back and looked again! and yes Santa does look kinda "Frightened"! OMG! how funny! but I Love wreaths! I look for them everywhere I go! these are very pretty! Take that Santa off please! Ha-Ha! Have a wonderful day:)

  5. Santa does look scared! But I am LOVING with a capital L that second wreath!!!

  6. Yeah he does look rather started. I think they look really nice though, I am glad you got some pictures.

  7. Hi Diana,
    Love that poinsettia wreath, so pretty!
    The santa looks like he is whooping it up a bit!!
    lol The wreath is pretty tho.

    Have a good one,
    Blessings, Nellie

  8. Has Santa been a naughty boy? Looks a little surprised to me. lol Those are nice wreaths, though. I love the craft shows.

  9. Either scared or surprised. Maybe someone told him Christmas is just 8 1/2 weeks away!

  10. They are both really nice~ I need to do some of that kind of shopping soon. Sounds like great fun.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  11. I thought Santa looked frightening, more than frightened. =) I love the format of your blog. It's really beautiful!

  12. YES! I was thinking the same thing. Although, it does make me think I need to get something done for my front door! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. So were you at Affair of the Heart. My daughter and I went and had a great time and bought a few gifts, etc.

  14. Very pretty wreaths but I would have to agree that Santa looked a little scary in that photo. I don't think that's a Santa that kids will want to visit :)

  15. That Santa looks a little spooked!
    I'm so glad you stopped by because I've been trying to get organized on my blog and I saw that I had not placed you on my side bar!
    It's on there now and I'm following your blog.
    Pretty Wreaths!

  16. He does look frightened DIana, but the wreaths are beautiful, our annual Christmas Holiday is coming up and I am looking forward to going. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Beautiful colors!
    Thinking of a wreath of Praise to offer to our KING!
    Have a blessed day sweet friend.

  18. Hi Diana!
    Nice wreaths, but that Santa looks a bit frightened! lol
    TAke care, have a blessed evening.

  19. just found your blog!

    yes, creepy santa! hee hee.

  20. LOL! I didn't really notice him looking frightened until I read your post and then I scrolled back... have to agree with you 100% LOL! Those are beautiful wreaths though!!

  21. So excited to have you as a new blog follower...and yes, maybe you will win Beth's book! Who knows!
    Blessings on your day my friend.

  22. Thank you for your recent comment on my blog.

    I can see that you **love** Texas. I do, too, but I'm not a Texan. :) I will be down there in January for a wedding. Can't wait to get my fill of Texas love! :)

  23. Especially like that bottom wreath. I guess it's the season, isn't it, but it seems to have come upon us so suddenly! :-)