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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Learning From Other Women

This is the bible study we are doing now. It is a continuation of learning life principles from biblical women. Last fall we did the first book. Each book is a 12-week study focusing on a different female character every week.

Each week, we discuss.......

Her place in God's divine plan
Her challenges along the way
Her faith
Her flaws
Her victories
And then finally, how we can apply what we've learned.

We are all part of God's divine plan. How exciting is that?!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful study, Diana! I'm sure you will take away a lot from it!!
    I'm in continual awe that I am part of God's divine plan!! What an amazing God!

  2. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I'm going to suggest this series to my weekly ladies' Bible study group.

  3. looks like a gorgeous study Diana! I love being part of God's divine plan !
    jen xo

  4. I love learning from others, both in the Bible and other women of God. I'm really inspired by other Christian bloggers and you are one of them. :-)

    Have a blessed day, Diana!

  5. Sounds wonderful Diana! I love studying about the women in the Bible. Elizabeth George has a wonderful book...I think it's called, "Walking With The Women of the Bible" I learned so much from reading it.

    Have a great study! Share with us from time to time.

    Happy Hump Day to you and yours...Oh, and HAPPY FALL!


  6. That looks like a wonderful study...and I think one of the best parts of women's studies is connecting with the women in our lives- Hugs- Diana

  7. I'll keep this book in mind the next time we are hunting for a study. I've been involved with the same Bible study group of women for 8 years now, and our group has been invaluable to each other in that time.


  8. Sounds like a wonderful Bible Study that I'd like to do myself too! These days I need some guidance and encouragement for things I face. Thanks for sharing the title and photo. I'll have to see if I can find the first book.

  9. Hummmmm...been looking for a Bible study.
    Just might have found it!

  10. That Bible study looks so good. We have so much to learn from women in the Bible and each other. That is why I love blogging so much. God just opened the whole wide world for me to explore and meet other Godly women.
    ♥ Joy

  11. I'm intrigued!
    Years ago I developed a talk about three women of faith: Rebecca, Rahab and Ruth. Each one trusted God in a different way and I dubbed them God's Rubies.
    Is there a woman in the Bible that you most identify with?
    Just wondering!

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  13. I wish I were closer to be a part of this study. Looks like a good one! Might pick this book up, though, on the internet.

  14. Yes being part of His plan is sooooooo exciting and what an encouragement to be reminded of that!!!
    Looks like a great study!

  15. very exciting! looking forward to hearing more!

  16. Hi Diana! Looks like a great study! Hope your day is going well. Happy Fall!

  17. If only we could always remember this...

  18. Hi Diana,
    That study sounds fabulous! I hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful evening... :)

  19. Isn't that a comforting thought....we are all a part of His divine plan! We weren't just created and then left to make our own way, but we have a Heavenly Father who is intimately involved in every moment of our lives. WOW!