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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Best Car Wash

When Rick was cleaning on the cars, Jonah wanted to help. So Rick gave him some spray, and a shop towel; then he told him to "get after it." He certainly enjoyed himself!


Here's a quilt update. Check out those names...

Have a great Friday!


  1. Your grandson is so cute!! You can just see the excitement in his eyes. He is having so much fun!
    Speaking of names... Leona Mae is my Mother's name and Clifton is my brother-in-law's brother's name. I don't know an Ollie Mae. I love your quilt! Don't you wish you knew the history behind all those names? Have a wonderful weekend! Love & blessings from NC!

  2. adorable photos....I love quilts...names have sure changed over the years...

  3. Imagine how much history is in that quilt? Isn't that amazing to think about....those women probably laughed, cried, and prayed over that quilt the whole time they were making it!

  4. What a great little helper. He sure looks like he enjoyed it.

    I love old names and always wonder where they got them from.

  5. Your grandson is a cutie! Don't you just love how willing and excited they are to help? Precious.

    Yeah, that quilt... oh, if it could talk!

  6. Didn't know washing a car could be so much fun! Love the quilt. I have two quilt tops that my grandmother made that I have considered finishing. Maybe after our wedding in Sept, I'll get some help and do that. You have inspired me!

  7. Oh my, he's a cutie and a great helper too!! That quilt is truly awesome!

  8. What a cute helper...beautiful quilt!

  9. Oh, that sweet little face and smile!! What a bright light in your life. You'll have to compare photos of these pics and then when he gets his first car.

  10. I love that quilt, and the sweet old fashioned names! I had a great aunt named Leona, and growing up a neighbor named Ollie Dean. Both those names Ollie and Dean sounded masculine; I always wondered why her mama didn't give her at least one feminine name!

  11. He's so cute. You can tell he feels so big helping like that.
    ♥ Joy

  12. I bet he did a GREAT job washing the car! Looks like he had lots of fun too.♥ That quilt is gorgeous.

  13. Oh, what a cute little car washer! I can tell he's having a ball!
    I love that olden quilt and the olden names are a hoot! I have some funny names in my family that I don't know if I even tell anyone - well, maybe you - Eula Mae, Cleo, Maudine. :) The list goes on.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. It's precious when little ones are so eager and joyful about serving and being helpers. These pictures are sweet.

  15. Happy Friday to you, I love the photos of Jonah-reminds me of my two grandsons(must be something about playing in the water, especially helping wash cars). The quilt is beautiful-so much history there; the fabrics look vintage. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs & love, Noreen

  16. Diana...he's so darling! What a cutie! Little guys don't know that washing the car is supposed to be hard work, do they?

    I love the quilt! I just posted pix of an antique quilt that I'm appliqueing because the blocks are so old that they are too delicate to actually put in a sewing machine. They are on my sewing blog, DC's Creations. I don't think I've added that to the Texas Blogging Gals list yet. oops!

  17. Your grandson is such a cutie! Looks like you all had a lot of good help. Cool quilt.

  18. He is so cute, I can see that he loves to help! Very neat quilt too! Come say hi :D

  19. your grandson is adorable plus!!!! and your quilt is looking wonderful, love the names... such a beautiful touch!

  20. Three things:
    First, I love that expression "Get after it." I used to say that to my high school students after I gave them an assignment or a test.

    Secondly, the quilt is amazing.

    Thirdly, thank you for continuing to host Texas Blogging Gals.

    When shall we have our first statewide conference/get together?

    Did you just pass out?

    I think it would be a blast.

    (I'll help)


    Take your smelling salts!

  21. Hi Diana, Thanks for the comment on my quilt. I'm quilting a postage stamp quilt of my gret grandmother's too, but haven't gotten pictures up yet. I entered the drawing too. Thanks for hosting that!