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Monday, March 1, 2010

Dreaming of Spring!

It's still not too springy around here. At least not outside.
Inside's a different tale!


  1. very springy...we have had rain all day...ready for it to leave..

  2. Cute book! It's not springy yet, but we're almost there!!!
    Patricia :o)

  3. Way to bring Spring to your home! It's lovely!


  4. Hi Diana,
    Very beautiful...the flowers are lovely!

    I hope you have a blessed week. :o)

  5. Cute. I am so waiting for spring to get here. I need sunshine daily.

  6. Thanks so much for your visit at Hospitality Lane.
    I do hope you'll come back often.

    Your blog is lovely and I echo your anticipation of Spring! We still have a lot of snow in PA.

    Becky K.

  7. Oh cute! It's yucky weather here this week......

  8. Thanks Diana for visiting my blog!!! I can see we will be friends because you like to sit on your porch too!! Yesterday I washed my chairs and front porch as a hope for sun and I wake up to wet sidewalks. Someone still wants rain!!! LOL

    Oh my! I had that book Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present. I scrolled down and saw the book and was taken back to years ago!! How can I forget the linky Bunny?

    I am in So. Cal, a little ways from you but just a click away!! That is the awesome way that God has connected so many women to share together!!

  9. Your spring tablescape is wonderful! I can almost feel the sunshine. I am sooooo ready for springtime!

  10. Snow here today! I love the pic! That storybook has such an inviting cover - I'd love to read it!! God bless!

  11. Ah, Spring...
    You have already started showing it. I need to start thinking about it.
    Keep on showing it, cause I need all the help I can get.

  12. Lovely flowers!

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  13. I am catching up on your blog. I must say I am impressed with your son's closet. Nice, very nice.

    The weather was nice here the last couple of days and we are starting to see some green, could be we are imagining green, anyway we're ready for spring too.

    See ya soon.

  14. I popped over from Blue barn bulletin.

    Love your site. So fresh and clean!