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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dove Season

September 1st around here in Texas is almost considered a State holiday. It's the first day of dove hunting season! All the hunters get up before daylight, dress from head to toe in camo, and head to the coffee shops. Of course, they have been preparing weeks in advance for this morning. They have been practicing their shooting, cleaning their guns, buying extra shells, and making sure they have just the right piece of land staked out where the most birds have been seen prior to this morning.

Dad always looked forward to this day. He had a host of local friends as well as some "city" ones that would come out to the farm for the day. Everyone wanted to go out with him for two reasons. They knew he would know where the birds were (he had a great shot and always got his limit several times). AND they knew they would get to each lunch at our house. Mother was known to be a great cook and that meant a homecooked meal for them! Even if they didn't have much luck, they were winners with or without "game."


  1. Dove Hunting? I have NEVER heard of that... is that really for real?? Hilarious.

  2. Oh yes, my dear! It's for real. I'll send you some pictures and maybe even a recipe or two.

  3. Boys and their hunting! Good post Diana! :)