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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Anniversary Memory

April 11 is approaching. It is our parents' anniversary. I have a very special memory of April 11, 1990. At the time, Daddy was sick and unable to go out for the special day. I remember that day when he told Mother to go get him a $1.00. Although she couldn't imagine what he needed money for, she obliged him and went to her purse returning with a one dollar bill. He took the bill exchanging it for a $50. He then proceeded to give it back to her followed by a kiss. He was giving her a dollar for each of the 49 years they had been married. He died three days later. A great example of his humor and spirit of giving!


  1. Oh, that is a precious memory. I regret not having the opportunity to know your dad. I have a feeling I would have really liked him.

  2. What an awesome story! I'm so glad you have memories like that! :-)