Thursday, February 10, 2011


You may remember my ladies’ study group is doing “The Patriarchs” by Beth Moore. I am finding each week to be filled with little gold nuggets!

It seems God is putting one particular issue out there with people I am coming in contact with or in things I am reading and that is……."WAITING."
Everybody’s waiting on something. What are you waiting on? Praying over?

In one day’s study Beth wrote:

“I believe far more often than not God answers our prayers immediately though we may not see the fulfillment with our own eyes until much later. We sometimes ask, ‘God, why won’t You answer me?’ Often He has answered, but the fulfillment is still on His ‘items yet to be completed according to His sovereign and wise plan’ list. If we could only find peace and security in knowing that God is good for His word! Though the action tarries, it shall come.”

So comes the hard part for us. So while we wait, let’s ENCOURAGE each other to be faithful to PRAY, PRAISE, WORSHIP AND SERVE our Lord.

He promises us the wait will be worth it!!


  1. Thanks for this reminder! Two of my children are currently in the "waiting room". I will continue to pray for them and will soon be "praising" Him for His answered prayer!

  2. Good word....I loved that Bible Study, it by far is one of my favorites...I also remember shedding a lot of tears through it...good tears
    "Waiting room"...there
    Hope you enjoy the beautiful weekend

  3. My daughter, Summer, is 'in the waiting room.' Amber just got out recently. Waiting is so hard. Both of these relate to buying/selling homes. But God's timing is always perfect.
    Great thought provoking post!

  4. The greatest impediment to my personal peace in waiting is in making God as I am - - small, mortal, bound by time/chronology. When I remember WHO He is the waiting comes far easier.


  5. Thanks Diana,
    What a good word that is for one that is waiting!!
    We are very excited because we think the fruition to our prayers may be just around the corner.
    If you were by this week you know that hubby had
    a phone interview, and just minutes ago, he got an email and has a regular interview tomorrow at lla.m. - So we are very excited to say the least!!
    I think Beth Moore is so right about that.....and I love what she said about his sovereign and wise to do list. How cute, but probably truer than we can imagine!! lol
    Hope you are well my friend,
    Blessings galore, Nellie

  6. Reminds me of Hab. 2:3.

  7. I need to do that study. Its been a while since I've done Beth Moore.
    Thanks for sharing that nugget with us.
    ♥ Joy

  8. Are you enjoying the Patriarchs Bible study? Our group sure did. Tonight we are all excited about starting a new Video series by Beth called The Inheritance--looking forward to some challenging and rewarding discussions after the video!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. And that is why it is so important to spend quality time with other believers in Christ - to encourage one another. God is faithful. He will accomplish His purposes. Ours is to trust and wait. It helps to have the prayers and support of others.

  10. Been thinking about the same type of things. I read this today:
    We don’t come to Christ because of guarantees of health, wealth, or protection from physical danger. We come to him because he is Lord. We don’t become Christians because of fringe benefits, we become Christians because Christianity is true. We come to Christ and bow our knee knowing he loves us enough to die for us. We come to him knowing that his plan, whatever that may be, is full of love, purpose, and wisdom. We come to him because of the guarantees of the life to come, not the guarantees of this life.-Michael Patton

  11. I LOVE what Keelie said!! Yes!

  12. "They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength....". We know it is true, but nobody said it is easy....that's why we need His strength!

  13. Oh Diana,
    Waiting has always been so difficult for me!
    But now, when GOD has surprised us with a major move and relocation, I can't keep up with HIM!
    Go figure. ((HUGS))