Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Second Annual Family Lake Trip

Rick and I got to spend a few days away with our family last week at a lake two hours from here over in East Texas. Rick and I had looked forward to this trip all year. We were so fortunate to get to stay in a lake house that belongs to one of Keelie's friends. The house was AWESOME and so PERFECT for us. Justin, Keelie, Jared, and Jenna are always so thoughtful to help with the groceries and most importantly the cooking! Turn Justin, Keelie, and Jared loose in the kitchen, and you will always have great meals. (Jenna and I make good sidekicks.)

Although the water was pretty choppy, they were able to still do some stuff.  

We cherish our family time. God blesses us so much more than we deserve! Next year, we will have not only Jonah and Glory with us but another little baby granddaughter!

"It's not about making everything perfect; it's about making the most of the moment with the family."

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back From Beautiful Colorado

Our first trip after the 4th holiday was to Colorado. Rick and I left on a Wednesday. It was just Rick and me; so we took our time and enjoyed stops at some of our favorite spots. Once we arrived at Ouray the main event was to ride our ATV there with a group of people including Marilyn and Rickie; we were to ride in the mountains three to four days. 

We had to drop out after the first day's ride. I will just say that "we were both overly optimistic about what we could handle" with a large group up at 12,000 feet on an ATV with no power steering and with Rick's medical issues. Marilyn and Rickie also did not ride any more either. They left for their cabin in NM, and we turned the car toward home. 

It was a great trip minus the ATV experience. Think I'll just continue to ride it on the farm!

First night - Raton, NM
Second/Third nights - South Fork, Colo
Fourth/Fifth nights - Durango, Colo
Sixth/Seventh nights - Ouray, Colo
Eighth night - Dalhart, Tx

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First Week of July

Greg and "his crew" had the fireworks stands and three city shows this year as usual. That meant two good weekends for selling and a week-long family gathering in the middle. It was great to have Chad and Tara here from Singapore. We enjoyed many meals, fireworks, conversations, church services, and lots of craziness in between. Loved it!

Monday, June 29, 2015

It's a Girl!

Jenna and Jared recently did a very small and simple gender reveal. I say small and simple because all the family members knew the sex of the baby except Jonah and Glory. Jenna thought the kiddos would get a kick out of finding out in a way in little more exciting manner than just outright telling them.

Marilyn graciously made the cupcakes with pink filling for all of us. The expressions on their faces are reflective of what they had expressed regarding girl or boy.

Glory wanted a girl!

Jonah had wanted it to be a boy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

VBS 2015

Reasons I'm loving VBS this year besides the most obvious (teaching about Jesus is going on!) include:

*all the excitement on the children's faces
*Jonah and Glory are there
*little Anja is getting to be there
*Rick is able to help Alicia (worship leader) in the sound booth
*Marilyn makes daily bread
*I'm helping with registration
*great Tribe leaders