Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Contentment and Financial Fences

In my bible study (James McDonald's "Lord, Change My Attitude) we just finished a week's worth of homework on "Contentment." We were previously addressing a COVETOUS attitude; we are to replace it with - CONTENTMENT!

During the video session, McDonald presented his "financial fences." They include:

*Limit spending
*Limit lifestyle
*Limit income
*Give more every year
*Give in ways that no one will know anything about

As a child of God, we are called to be content with the gifts he chooses to give us. Of course, McDonald also goes on to address that contentment is more than satisfaction with the material things that He has provided.

It is contentment in your life in general:

where I am
what I do
what I have
whom I'm with

Philippians 4:11
I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.

We were challenged to choose a strategy and put it into action this week. Here were a few to choose from and practice:

*Reject anything that is producing an addiction in you. Refuse to be a slave to it.
*Buy things for their usefulness rather than their status.
*Develop a habit of giving things away. Declutter. Simplify your life.
*Learn to enjoy things without owning them.
*Refuse the craving for the newest, latest, greatest thing.
*Keep the main thing the main thing. Don't let "good" things distract you from God as priority.

I'm practicing!

Quick Trip to Tennessee

Marilyn took me with her to Franklin to babysit Anja (2 1/2) and Isabel (7 months) while Greg and Lisa took a trip to Canada. We flew up Tuesday; Greg and Lisa left on Wednesday morning.

Both the girls are easy. Anja loves to play, eat, and do anything two year olds like to do. She is easily entertained. The only thing she doesn't really care for is bedtime. Isabel doesn't seem to meet a stranger. She is such a happy baby with a sweet smile. 

On another note, Marilyn had done some additional research on our "Taylor" family before we left. She had a map and some information for us. 

I'll let Marilyn recount our fun day of exploring...

"Thursday while Anja was at daycare, Diana, Isabel, and I went about an hour northeast of Franklin to an area that was once a thriving community - Taylorsville. This community was named after our GGGGF. We found the original home that was built in the early 1800's. (I will do another post about the house and family - I promise.) We went to about five old family cemeteries. We never confirmed that the Taylors were buried in any of them. I think one was a great possibility. We talked to three interesting people while there - a neighbor lady with strange dogs, a farmer with a rifle in his hand as we talked, and an extremely nice lady mail carrier. We will come back to this area on another trip to Tennessee."

We had a couple of great meals out during the trip - one at the historical Loveless Cafe and the other at the Sunset Diner in Lebanon (found that one off Trip Advisor).

Marilyn and I had a great time. The laughs, tears, hot flashes, meals, and time with her grandbabies made it all a very special trip.

I am so thankful she took me with her! 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Our Daddy/Daughter Duo

Tonight, Justin had the privilege to once again escort Glory to the Valentine Daddy/Daughter Dance. Keelie and Kristi had spent the day making it very special for her including getting her a new haircut and also her nails done. Justin brought her flowers. She was so pretty and absolutely glowing!!

It blesses my heart to see that once "little boy" of mine grow up to be such a special dad! He's one of my heroes!

Molly Sage

It's so hard to realize our Molly Sage is now 6 months old! She is so cute. She's getting that little personality going, too. We love you, Molly!

RV Time Again

Rick and I escaped on Thursday in the RV. We went to Ray Roberts. Justin, Keelie and the kiddos drove over. It was such a beautiful day with temps in the 80s (unbelievable February weather)! After a relaxing afternoon, we went to Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch for pizza. That was pretty cool to enjoy our meal beside the bears. Throw in a little live music, and I would say it was about perfect!

Yesterday, we went shopping for Jerry a travel trailer. BINGO! We found one and have sent pics to him in Bangkok.

Today we went to Jonah's basketball game which just happened to be very close to our campsite in a nearby town. Afterwards, we went back to the RV place and bought the travel trailer for Jerry. We came home this afternoon. 

A blessed camping trip!

Selfie Overload!