Sunday, April 17, 2016

 Updating through March with
 Miracles & Memories 


*Rick's brain surgery to remove the tumor! We had ZERO complications, medical errors, cancer, suffering, seizures, worsening pain, and fear of the future.

*In March, Rick tore something in his knee (in his words "not doing anything stupid"). He had to have arthroscopic knee surgery. He has had no pain from it!


*We are blessed with so many great memories of Aunt Bonnie. She passed away on January 6.

*Prior to Rick's scheduled surgery, our family took a road trip Jan. 13-17 to Gulfport, Mississippi. It was such a sweet, special time for us.

*Girls' trip to Hawaii (one of my few remaining states) was great.

*Rick and I got to camp for a few days in March.

*Rocky passed away in March. Jerry, Marilyn, and I went to the funeral. As we visited with the Kinnaird family, so many special times and people were brought to mind.

*We have enjoyed so many family dinners together the last several months. Huge blessing!

*Love watching Jonah, Glory, and Marlow (just wish they weren't growing quite so fast).

Friday, January 8, 2016

Surgery, Bible Study and Prayer

Rick's surgery date is Tuesday, January 19 in Dallas. We have pre-op stuff Monday, January 11.

Our family will be going on a road trip together the Tuesday after pre-op is completed.

"Fight Back With Joy"

My ladies' bible study group began the new winter study this week. We are doing Margaret Feinberg's study called "Fight Back With Joy." God led me to this study several weeks (months) ago, and I just couldn't wait to get started. We will learn that joy is the "weaponry you can use to fight life's greatest battles." Margaret knows this first hand as she is a cancer survivor. 

My Prayer

Margaret Feinberg based her bible study on the book she wrote by the same name. This book was a great read! So many things have already touched my heart. 

It seems that during her cancer battle many friends asked her, "How can we pray for you?" As she dealt with the question, she responded with "ZERO" and proceeded to explain this to her friends. 

So I asked my group to pray for Rick and me as we prepare for him to have surgery to remove the brain tumor. Here's my list.....

*zero surgery complications
*zero medical errors
*zero cancer
*zero suffering
*zero seizures
*zero worsening pain after surgery
*zero fear of the future

Thursday, December 31, 2015

 Christmas Week and A Recap of 2015

*Began 2nd year Participating in Quilting "Block of the Month"
*RV Trip to Joe Pool; Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

*Snow & Ice Days

*Girls' Trip to Phoenix
*RV Trips to Joe Pool and Ray Roberts
*Jenna & Jared sold their house

*Jenna & Jared announced their pregnant
*Jenna is selected/honored as one of the "DFW 100 Great Nurses" (Celebration held at the Meyerson in Dallas)

*RV Trips to Joe Pool and Ray Roberts

*Girls' Trip to Nashville
*NASCAR RV camping
*Jenna & Jared found out "It's a Girl!"
*MRI shows Rick's brain tumor has begun to grow

*4th Holiday Weekend/Fireworks Stand
*Family Trip to Lake Bob Sandlin
*Colorado Trip to ride ATVs (rode first day)

*Jenna & Jared moved into their newly purchased home
*RV Camping at Joe Pool
*Rick begins seeing a pain management doctor 

*Resigned from my part-time job
*Several baby showers for Jenna & Jared
*RV Camping trip to Colbert, Oklahoma
*RV Camping trip to Branson, Missouri
*Justin ordained as a deacon

*RV Camping at Joe Pool

*NASCAR and RV camping
*Jenna and Jared's anniversary -- 1 year
*An untraditional Thanksgiving
*RV Camping at Joe Pool as we prepared for "Marlow Mae" to arrive 

*Marlow born on the 2nd
*Justin and Keelie announce they are having another baby
*Completed the Quilting "Block of the Month"
*Justin and Keelie's Anniversary -- 14 years
*Our Anniversary -- 38 years 
*Rick's brain tumor continues to grow; Dr. Mickey says time for surgery  
*Keelie's Christmas Girl Party

And Now....Here's to 2016!

Christmas Week

Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Crazy Texas Weather

Saw this today which perfectly describes our last few days here!

Our Christmas 

We had our Christmas on the 26th. It was Anja (15 months old) and Marlow's (3 weeks old) first Christmas.

We had a non-traditional meal and warm weather. It was in the 70s, and it was so muggy we had to turn on the air conditioner.

Didn't matter at all.....We had a great time celebrating together! Love my family!