Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rick's Yearly MRI

We left bright and early this morning for UTSW. Rick had an 8:00 MRI, and then we saw Dr. Mickey at 10:00. We were so thankful and blessed with a good report; there was no sight of a tumor growing back.  The doctor is always sympathetic with Rick for having to deal with so much nerve-damage pain; he commends Rick in doing so probably better than most would. (We are grateful for his meds!) We will repeat the MRI in one year.

So thankful for the prayers of our family/church family!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Marlow and T-ball

Today, we finally got to see Marlow play T-ball. It was fun and entertaining to watch these three and four year old little girls and boys learn to play a fun game. More importantly, as Jenna says, it's great to give them the opportunity to listen to adults and follow instructions in a different setting.

 Jackson always supports big sis in his "uniform."

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Our Memorable Trip to Maine and Canadian Maritime Provinces

Cheyrl, Marilyn, and I recently returned from a great girls' trip to the Northeast. We left DFW bright and early last Tuesday. We flew in to Bangor, Maine and picked up our rental car. It basically took us most of the day to get there as we had "three ups/downs" on our journey. (This is a little much for me and my motion sickness stuff, but I managed with some extra medicine.) We hit the ground running.

A few daily highlights for my journal...

Tuesday - drove by Stephen King's House after we picked up our car

Wednesday - Acadia National Park; Cadillac Mountain; Fresh Maine lobster meal; Lubec (the most eastern town in the United States); Schoodic National Scenic Byway; Canada by way of coast of New Brunswick

Thursday - Eight-mile Confederation Bridge over to Prince Edward Island; on the Island...Anne of Green Gables, Delvay-by-the-Sea; churches, bottle house; evening cookies and breakfast at a quaint bed and breakfast
(I did not take this photo! My eyes were shut.)

Friday - while on the Island took a morning loom knitting workshop with a local artist; lunch at PEI Preserve Co.; another workshop to make sea glass jewelry piece; purchased ice cream and sweatshirt at Peak's Wharf; left PEI and on to Nova Scotia

Saturday - Grand Pre, Nova Scotia (place of historical remembrance of the Acadian population and their dispersal from the area); drove to Luckett's Vineyard to make our call from the "Red Phone Booth;" Burntcoat Head Park (the highest tides in the world); walked the ocean floor

Sunday - Peggy's Cove; Mahone Bay; "Three Churches" on the Bay; Lunenburg Historic Walking Tour

Monday - Fundy Coast, New Brunswick, Magnetic Park (a crazy experience!); covered bridges of Sussex, St. Andrews Minister Island with the Van Horne Estate tour including driving the ocean floor to get there while the tide was low; Ganong Chocolatier Store

Yesterday, we turned our car in with our 1700-mile driving adventure logged. We returned home on an easier "two leg" flight. Let the planning begin for our next girls' trip!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Tree Trimming

Jerry and I worked for two days trimming trees. He made many trips up and down the ladder. I think we loaded the farm truck with the equivalent of ten of these loads! The last several loads Rick and Justin were around to help chain some of the larger limbs to the truck so we could drag them off which saved Jerry having to cut them up. We finished just in time as yesterday we got three and half inches of more rain.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Bill Arrington

Bill died Tuesday, May 15. He was a special man to our family. He and Dawn were very active in the community including the school and our church. He and "Dawnie" (as Justin, Jenna, Greg, and Chad called her) were the first children of about 70 that she babysat in their home over the span of many years. Bill's funeral was today. It was such a special celebration of a life well spent for God, his family, and the entire Gunter community. We will miss him.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Hill Country Trip and Jackson's 2nd Birthday

Monday, April 22
We left town the day after Easter around 11:00 and arrived in Fredericksburg by 5:30. We stayed at a downtown campground until Wednesday morning.

We just hung around the campground. Little Elly sure enjoys camping.

At noon, we moved out to Lady Bird Park Campground. Although we have been to Fredericksburg several times, this was our first time to stay here.

Today was a very pretty, sunny day. We had lunch downtown and then made our way to the Fredericksburg Pie Company - a real treat!

The planes started coming in this morning. The airport adjacent to Lady Bird was having a "fly in" this weekend which was why we wanted to stay here. These war planes were flying all weekend.
Juli McNeff drove here from San Antonio to visit and catch up. We crammed as much "catching up" talk as we could into three to four hours. We had lunch at the Airport Diner (thanks, Juli!) and sat out to watch some of the planes coming and going.

Rick had a beautiful sunny day on his birthday. We drove to Gruene as we do each trip here. We enjoyed a birthday meal at The Grist Meal. We shared a chicken fried steak as well as a birthday dessert! We finished up the day watching more planes come and go.

Today, we just took several walks and watched some more planes. We didn't go anywhere and just enjoyed the day.

Today, we drove to Kerville and Bandera. When we got back to Fredericksburg, we had some great pizza downtown.

We just enjoyed hanging out at Lady Bird Park today.

We said good-bye to Fredericksburg this morning and left for Joe Pool Lake. We set up there and then  went to Jenna and Jared's. We surprised Marlow and Jackson when we went to pick them up from day care with Jenna.

This afternoon we hung out at the kids' house again. I made some cake balls for Jackson's birthday party tomorrow. Today is his actual birthday, so I had made some birthday brownies to go with dinner.

Jared cooked all afternoon. I picked up the cupcakes for Jenna as she was running late from a meeting at work. Jackson's party was at 6:00 p.m. at the house. He's such a cute two year old little boy!

After lunch, we attended a Gaither's Concert there in Grand Prairie. Jenna and Jared had given her dad tickets for Christmas.

This afternoon we packed up and headed home after 14 days away. It's been great, but now I'm ready to see the family back home!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Happy Birthday, Rick!

We are in Fredericksburg this week. Although I plan to document our trip in more detail, I want to wish Rick a happy birthday! We are celebrating in Gruene. Love you!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Celebrating Easter, Fitz, and "Baby Girl" Davis

What a great and blessed weekend! We packed as much as we could into three days. Jenna, Jared, Marlow, Jackson, Chad, Tara, and Fitz all came into town on Friday.  Justin, Keelie, Jonah, Glory, and Molly were with us all weekend as well (with the exception of Justin on duty Saturday). Rickie was around off and on as he had to have shoulder surgery on Thursday. Friday night we enjoyed a meal together and some nice patio time; the guys shot some fireworks off after dark.

We had a beautiful Saturday. The kiddos all got to participate in our FBC egg hunt. Kelle and Martha brought the twins to join us there. After a fun egg hunt, we went to Marilyn's for lunch. Afterwards, Marilyn had planned everything for Fitz's first birthday party. It was such a fun time celebrating him with everyone. The kids all enjoyed the crafts, eggs, and just being outside! Later, we grilled at her house.

Today, we enjoyed a great Easter service together at church. (When Marilyn and I have our grandchildren with us, we celebrate the blessing and legacy of fifth-generation family members worshipping at FBC.) For lunch, we had an awesome brisket Justin had smoked; he's got this brisket thing down to an art! After lunch, we surprised Chad and Tara with a "baby sprinkle." Their second baby is a girl yet to be named. We played a Scattergories-style game to name that baby! I am not sure how much we helped them, but it sure was fun. We will meet her in July!

This mom/Nanna/Aunt Di is so blessed!
Psalm 100:4 "Enter His gates with thanksgiving...."

Friday, April 5, 2019

A New Cookie Project

After some inspiration from Brenda Lampe, Marilyn and I bought some supplies to try our hand at homemade decorated cookies. We thought it would be fun to have some for Easter as well as Fitz's first birthday party. I made the cookie recipe yesterday so it could chill overnight. Today, I attempted my first batch. Let's just say I need to practice! It is more difficult than it looks to get the cookie dough to the right thickness and then to retain its shape while transferring the cookie cutouts to the baking sheet. The whole royal icing thing requires a little more practice as well. 

I knew Glory would enjoy decorating a couple, so she came over this afternoon. She is always up for creating!

Monday, April 1, 2019

March Madness

Although not basketball talk, it has been crazy around here. For just the sake of recording what transpired the rest of the month, I will just list "stuff."

*Rick and I went out in the RV for a week to Colbert.

*I had appointments with my dermatologist, general doctor, eye doctor, and a chiropractor screening. Rick and I both had dental appointments. He also had an appointment with his pain doctor. Yikes!

*We had lunch bunch one day and a girls' night out on another evening with the church.

* We got to enjoy baby Fitz as Marilyn kept him for a few days while Chad and Tara were both out of town.

*We got a cute new little bull.

*Jerry got home safely from the valley on Thursday.

And... all this is no April Fool's!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Family Weekend

Jenna and Jared came into town on Friday. Jenna actually came from work, and Jared came after picking up Marlow and Jackson. Because Tara is out of town, Chad and Fitz drove in from Houston for the weekend. Fitz is now 10 months old, and his baby sister is due in July.

We were fortunate that Justin was off so he, Keelie, and the kiddos all got to come for a family meal Friday evening at the house. Justin had smoked some wonderful meat, so the rest of the meal was easy peasy to throw together. Marilyn and Rickie were able to eat and then had to leave; they had a concert already scheduled. Saturday we all went down to her house. We had lunch and dinner there. We played cards after things settled down.

Jenna, Jared, Glory, Marlow, Jackson, Chad and Fitz all went to church with us today. After lunch, everyone had to head home.

(Jenna caught this sweet moment at church.)

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

One DNA Test Coming Up

Today, we mailed Rick's DNA kit. I am looking forward to getting the results for my ancestry work. There has been much progress on his family tree but we have a couple of people with little information. This drives me crazy that I can't find that one "hint" to make a breakthrough. Marilyn and I continue weekly to do a little work on our trees. 

Did I hear "nerds?!" 

Sunday, February 17, 2019


We went to Mansfield Tuesday night after my ladies' bible study to keep Marlow and Jackson. Wednesday I took Jackson to the doctor for Jenna. He had an ear infection. Thursday we had lunch with Jenna and Jared before they hit the road to Red River with friends to ski. Thursday and Friday afternoons we picked the kids up from daycare. We had beautiful afternoons to play outside until meal and bath times.

We traded pics with mom and dad. 

Yesterday afternoon we came home when John and Martha came to take over.