Monday, April 18, 2011

One Less Person in Cambodia

Jerry has been home from Cambodia now for a week. He will be here another three weeks before he begins his next journey. He has spent five years in China and two in Cambodia. His plans are to head for Lima, Peru. He's ready for a change; that should do it!

We've been doing some eating, some work, some eating.....This is pretty standard when he is here.

I've been trying to make sure he gets his favorite foods while he's here. Marilyn and Keelie have also cooked great meals. (Keelie, that was some amazing chicken fried steak!)

Have a great Monday.

P.S. Remember Texas firefighters and families as they are battling to save lives, homes, and property because of wildfires around the State. Here is what's going on.


  1. hopefully they will get rain soon to help out...

  2. Enjoy your visit with Jerry. What a blessing to have him home! I will also remember the Texas firefighters in prayer.

    Blessings, Joan

  3. I was thinking about you and those fires. I will pray for your safety and the firemen.

  4. Enjoy your family time! Praying for the firefighters and families in TX. God's blessings to you, my friend!

  5. Did you get to visit him in China and Cambodia?

  6. Enjoy Jerry's time at home! I have been praying for the people in Texas too! Hugs- Diana

  7. Enjoy your special time Diana, I have been thinking about you guys in Texas specially during our bad storms and tornadoes last Sat. We are so thankful for people who put their lives in harms way such a firefighters and ems workers.
    Wishing you and your dear family a most blessed Easter.

  8. My goodness Diana, I didn't know about the fires. I just have been running with business company and graduation prep and trying to keep my yard alive. I thought it was awfully dry this year! Our wildflowers were gone before they started.

    I love your update about the family. Having children far away is hard and it's such a relief and so special when they can be home. I have one in Afghanistan (translating Pashtu) who recently lost his best friend to a land mine, and one just moved with my grandbabies to Washington State. Now another is off to boot camp in May (graduating this May). I've started blogging weekly just to get to spend precious time with him. Our children grow up so quickly..and some are gone more than they are home.

    Loved your post very much!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  9. Hey Sweet Friend,
    Thank you for your precious comments on my blog.
    I hope to do the Noah study after I finish the Beth Moore class I'm in right now.
    Opportunities and Blessings instead of interruptions!
    Enjoy this precious time with family~

  10. Hey Diana,
    God bless Jerry and family! I've heard Peru is beautiful; I pray their time there is blessed. At school, I'm taking Psychology of Work this semester, the oldpeople'sbacktocollege class. I had collected almost 100 college hours - came that close without finishing many years ago. I am hoping and praying to graduate - if the Lord tarries - next May with my middle son Jeremiah. We'll sit next to one another in our caps and gowns. Cool, huh?

  11. We've had the wildfire thing here...I know what that's like. Praying for sure!
    Happy Easter,