Monday, August 3, 2009

Happiness in Homemaking

It feels sooooo good today to get some things done around the house to start the week off. Got the house vacuumed, floors mopped, the laundry done, pot roast cooking, and it's not even noon yet! Anybody impressed besides me?

1. rain
2. everybody seems to be well
3. cooler weather (until yesterday!) 
4. Jenna and the sushi experience
5. family time/meals
6. more jelly making
7. worship time
8. new dessert by Keelie
9. repaired a/c
10. church family


  1. I am definitely impressed.
    GOD BLESS, andrea

  2. laundry is almost done, got some freezing done and that's about it. Love your weekend wonders list.

  3. I would say that I am definitely impressed, and that I had thought that I had done good today, until I read this!!! I spent a little time with Jase this morning, worked in my classroom for 3 1/2 hours, drove to Denison. .. spent some time with my parents, have the laundry all washed, but not folded and put away.
    Not so good, compared to you. Oh well, I won't compare, but it was nice to read your post!
    Glad everyone is feeling better!

  4. Wow, I'm impressed! Well done! We were busy today with errands, so tomorrow is my day to get things done. William volunteers on Tuesday and Michelle works, so Tuesday is my day to get things done. (Sometimes I pop a chick flick in the dvd to watch while I work!) Have a great week!

  5. Sandy, I would always go for the time with your parents and children when given the opportunity. So good for you!

    Everyone--have a good week.

  6. Hi Sweet Friend,

    You have impressed me to the max!!! I got winded just reading about all that you did. Good for you and jobs well done...Now, would you like to come over and do all of mine? LOL

    Thank you for your friendship and prayer support at my site. You are truly a treasure!

    Love you,

  7. You have such a cheerful blog!

    It's a joy to visit here.