Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Clutter 101: Report Card

You may or may not remember my previous posts about my summer goal of decluttering. Well, I'll give myself an A- on the old grading scale. Not quite as good as this over achiever would like but certainly not anything to pass off as failure or lack of effort on my part.

Now as summer comes to a close and my work schedule picks up, I go back to work smiling and feeling pretty good about a few drawers, cabinets, nooks, and crannies. I wish to leave you with just three little tips I have found beneficial not just this summer but for many years in maintaining my home….

1. It’s easier to keep up than catch up!

2. Give everything a “home.”

3. Make a run through the house before you go to bed each night. 

From one clutter control queen to another..........


  1. Congratulations! We, too have done fairly well at continuing to purge and de-clutter.
    Blessings on your journey, andrea

  2. Great job on getting rid of clutter. It's always a work in progress I think. You've done well. Hugs..

  3. I agree... I hate clutter so much. It makes my brain hurt, and that is not a good thing! haha

  4. Great tips! I am in the process of decluttering my home too, but it's slow going. It sounds as if you have done a wonderful job of banishing clutter throughout the summer. Well done!

  5. I too am trying to be better about the clutter. Good tips! Thanks!