Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clutter Buster

When school was out, I developed a plan. Each week I would tackle just a few things to help get my house more organized and a little less cluttered. I figured if I did this, within a couple of months, I could really see and appreciate the results.

First on the list was my makeup drawer in the bathroom.  I simply culled through all the tubes, bottles, pens, etc. trashing what was empty, not used, or antiquated. 

WAALAA! Believe me, it was just the results I was going for. I can actually find what I need! 

I will continue to tackle a drawer, a cabinet, a closet, or something each week. Little by little, this approach will yield great results. At the end of each week, I know I will have a wonderful feeling of satisfaction to see spaces totally organized and…..then, of course, I'm going to remember the key is to do things daily to keep it that way.

Hint: The silverware holder was perfect for the organization of all the “stuff.” I forgot to take a “before” shot. But here’s the “after.”




  1. I've been thinking that I need to tackle one area of our home at a time. Thank you so much for your inspiration!

  2. Hi Di:

    Having a garage sale has the same effect on clutter. I cleaned out the attic, the window seat upstairs, the garage, and the storage building. I didn't make much, but I got a little "mad" money and the clutter is gone. Yea!