Monday, June 29, 2009

1. family time
2. getting vacation photos in an album
3. a Friday night home-cooked meal
4. kicking off the July 4th season with Greg's fireworks stand
5. fresh fruits and vegetables
6. worship time
7. "home" time
8. new pastor and family arriving 
9. a Saturday night home-cooked meal (Wow!--two in one weekend)
10. visiting with friends


July 4th brings family, friends, fireworks, and food together!


  1. I'll be in Thursday night; hide the good patio furniture!

  2. Can't wait for you to get in. I've got you a special chair!

  3. Welcome, relatively new blogger friend!

    Thank you for the comments and the invitation. I'm always eager to meet & greet here in cyberspace, amazed at the friendships that have formed over time & words.

    I also enjoyed your "weekend wonders". The simple life. My kind of life!

    Have a blessed day.

  4. Hi Diana,

    I wanted to stop in and officially introduce myself to you. Thank you for visiting me at my site and your kind comment. I signed in to become a follower of yours today. I would be honored if you would sign in at my site and, if you so choose, become a follower of mine. If you do, I have a guestbook at the very bottom of my blog page, would you sign into that as well?

    My husband has been ill, so it's been a rocky road, but God has blessed us in so many ways with His grace and so much more. I appreciate your prayers.

    I love the name Diana. That was my mom's beautiful name too!

    I have always wanted to visit British Columbia. Your pictures are beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed them.

    Your grandchildren are beautiful. They are absolutely the best, aren't they? There's nothing better than being a Nana.

    I'll be back to visit again. God bless you.

    Peace & Blessings,

  5. Hi Diana, I'm glad you found your way to my blog! It's nice 'meeting' you. I hope to be back to visit again!

  6. Diana,
    Thank you for your "Congratulations", sharing a song on my blog, and for sharing your Weekend Wonders list! I always love your blog. I like your 4th of July clip art and words, too! I'm looking forward to
    family, friends, fireworks and food at my house this weekend, too!
    Happy 4th to all of your family!
    and I'm also glad to read that the new pastor and his family have arrived!
    Love you!
    P.S. Are you going to the Deeper Still event in Dec.?