Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our July 4th Season

This time of the year normally means we have lots of family time. This year we were blessed to have all the family here at one time! The firework stands opened June 24. Thus, the craziness began!

Greg and Isabel came first, then Lisa brought Anja. Jenna, Marlow, and Jackson came next, then the rest of the family came in and out for the two weeks. 

Throughout the almost two weeks of firework selling, in addition to cooking, Marilyn and I continued to do the cooking with some gardening thrown in here and there. 
Highlights of the two weeks included:  
various friends and family that came to visit and hang out with us, taking the babies to McCalisters (3 times) and other lunch spots, great firework shows, swim time, Isabel's birthday party, music by Dave Dunn, Jerry's rhino rides for the kids, rain showers, cooler than normal temperatures, and THREE city July 4th shows!!

Just for the record, Jonah is eleven going on twelve, Glory is almost nine, Marlow is 19 months old, Molly is 11 months old, and Jackson is two months old. Marilyn's two grandchildren are 22 months old (Anja) and the youngest one year old (Isabel). It's unbelievably crazy, entertaining, and just down right fun to have five babies under three years of age under the same roof. Thank goodness though Glory is old enough and helped out tremendously. 

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