Monday, July 31, 2017

Baby Jackson's Testing

Today, Jenna and I took Jackson to Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth for a second round of testing on his enlarged kidney. The first test included a sonogram with lots of pictures. He was awake and charmed the technician.

His second test was much more involved. He got two IVs and a catheter.  They ran fluid through him to watch for kidney reflux; this was for 30 minutes. Then they gave him a diuretic and watched for another 30 minutes. Can you imagine an hour long test with a little one on this table? Fortunately, he had enjoyed a little “extra” in his bottle and slept through the procedure.

We won’t get the results for another ten days or so. But he seems to be doing great and is so adorable!

P.S. Have I said lately how much we love Joe Pool Lake? It is such a nice camping area and five minutes from Jared and Jenna’s house.

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