Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Beautiful Weekend and Valentine's Day 

This weekend has been beautiful. These are the things I have loved so far (in no particular order):

 1. Fresh flowers and a sweet card from the hubs
 2. Family time
 3. Fresh tilled soil in the beds
 4. Lunch with Jenna and Marilyn 
 5. Geese gliding around on the full pond
 6. Sunny and 74 degrees yesterday
 7. Valentine dinner at Justin and Keelie's
 8. The BEST filet cooked by Dave
 9. Hugs from the fam
10. Rocking sweet Anja on the patio
11. Gluten-free brownies ( good!)
12. Quilting time


  1. That baby is just beautiful!!!! What a gorgeous child. Sounds like a good weekend to me. xo Diana