Thursday, July 10, 2014


Once again I find myself playing catch up with journaling/posting. Several major events occurred in May. Here's a quick rundown.

Rick retired from Texas Instruments after working there 37 years and 7 months. We had a retirement party here at the house for family and a few close friends. Brenda made this cute cake for him.

Jenna and Jared got engaged. We are so excited! Jared is a great guy, and our family is thrilled! The wedding is planned for November 21.

Rick and I traveled to Denver. Jenna was sent by the hospital to a conference there, so we stayed with her in the hotel. After the conference was over, we headed up to Estes Park for a few days to see some of our old stomping grounds. We had such a good time going through Rocky Mountain National Park again. We even managed to begin some of the wedding details at night -- got to love laptops, iPads, and WiFi.

We called a new pastor to our church. Love him and his sweet family!

Jenna and I booked the wedding venue. Then we had a girls' day out and found "the dress." Such a fun and special time!

Rick had another MRI. The tumor appeared to be stable!

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