Monday, July 14, 2014

June Notes

The first weekend of June continued the frenzy. Our niece, Ashton, graduated from high school on the first Friday night. Then on Saturday of that same weekend we attended a wedding (Nic and Emily's) in Dallas. 

Jenna and I found a DJ and a photographer. 

Cheyrl, Marilyn and I took our summer girls' trip. We went to Montana, Idaho, and Oregon. We did cross back over into Canada again for the day and touched Washington state as well. One of the highlights for me included a 118-mile trip through Hells Canyon via Snake River. FANTASTIC! Another highlight was touring a glass house in Boswell, British Columbia made out of over 500,000 embalming fluid bottles!!

We had a ladies' night out at church. It yielded lots of fun, laughter and great Mexican food.

Keelie and Jenna held a baby shower for Greg and Lisa with family and a few close friends attending. We had it at Keelie and Justin's house. They did a great job, and she got a nice shower. They are having a baby girl; she is due October 15.

Fireworks season began!

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  1. Hi Diana, Your summer sounds as crazy as ours has been. Loved hearing about all your activities; hope you are able to enjoy the rest of the summer.
    Hugs, Noreen