Monday, January 23, 2012


Jenna's car had to go to the dealership on Saturday. Marilyn rode with me to meet met her there. Instead of sitting around at the service department all morning, we left and had lunch at BJ's. Then....Jenna was absolutely insistent upon going to a new cupcake place a co-worker had told her about. (Well, girl, twist my arm!!)

All we could say was....WOW!

I don't even remember the flavor I ate; I do remember cake, filling, icing, and two kinds of topping. However, I don't think the flavor you choose would really matter one iota.


(Just for the record....I wasn't totally out of control. Marilyn and I shared ONE. Yep, that's the truth.)


  1. We don't have any cupcake places around here..but it sure looks like fun! I hope you enjoyed every single calorie! xo Diana

    1. I just found a cupcake store near my workplace today. It is called "Blissful Cupcakes". I think my daughter and I are going to have to visit there!

  2. Oh, so pretty and I am sure yummy. Sounds like a fun time! Blessings!