Friday, September 10, 2010

by Charles R. Swindoll
In September, Terry Shafer was strolling the shops in Moline, Illinois. She knew exactly what she wanted to get her husband, David, for Christmas. A little shop on Fifth attracted her attention, so she popped inside. Her eyes darted toward the corner display. "That's it!" she smiled as she nodded with pleasure. "How much?" she asked the shopkeeper.
"Only $127.50."
Her smile faded into disappointment as she realized David's salary as a policeman couldn't stand such a jolt. Yet she hated to give up without a try, so she applied a little womanly persistence. "Uh, what about putting this aside for me? Maybe I could pay a little each week, then pick it up a few days before Christmas?"
"No," the merchant said, "I won't do that." Then he smiled. "I'll gift-wrap it right now. You can take it with you and pay me later," he said. Terry was elated.
Then came Saturday, October 1. Patrolman David Shafer, working the night shift, got a call in his squad car. A drugstore robbery was in progress. David reacted instantly, arriving on the scene just in time to see the suspect speed away. With siren screaming and lights flashing, he followed in hot pursuit. Three blocks later the getaway vehicle suddenly pulled over and stopped. The driver didn't move. David carefully approached the suspect with his weapon drawn. In a split second, the door flew open as the thief produced a .45-caliber pistol and fired at David's abdomen.
At seven o'clock in the morning a patrolman came to the door of the Shafer home. Calmly and with great care, he told Terry what had happened.
Stunned, Terry thought how glad she was that she had not waited until Christmas to give her husband his present. How grateful she was that the shopkeeper had been willing to let her pay for it later. Otherwise, Dave would have surely died. Instead, he was now in the hospital---not with a gunshot wound, but with only a bad bruise. You see, David was wearing the gift of life Terry could not wait to give---his brand-new bulletproof vest.
Within the movement of events is the Designer, who plans and arranges the times and the seasons, including the minutest detail of life. You question that? Many do.
But unless I miss my guess, David and Terry Shafer don't. It's funny . . . people who survive a calamity don't have much struggle with sovereignty.
Behind the maze is the Master.


  1. ...beautiful Diana.. ...God has blessed me today through you. Just something I needed to hear today.. Thank you for sharing, (as always!)
    Bless you my Texan sister in Christ!!
    Jen xo

  2. Ahhhh....great story!
    I believe in miracles from God.

  3. Just dropping a note to say I always enjoy visiting. Keep up the great work!!

    Common Cents

  4. I didn't realize I was holding my breath through the story until the very end. Truely both the wife and the shop keeper were guided by our Lord.
    Patricia :o)

  5. Wonderful story. I truly believe in divine intervention. This was just one example. Thanks for sharing this story with all of us.

  6. Hi Diana,
    Thanks so much for sharing that wonderful story.
    I love Chuck Swindoll too!! He is a great man of God. Amazing how the Lord led the wife to buy it and to be so excited she gave the gift early, and that the shop keeper was willing to let her have it and make payments. So like our Lord to prompt all of that. Love that last line........people who have survived calamity don't have much problems with God's sovereignty. How true!!
    Hope you are doing well hon.
    Blessings, Nellie

  7. Wow...speechless...totally speechless and yet, such an encouragement!!!
    I hope you survived the rain and were able to just enjoy them and not be swept away!

  8. Diana- I had not heard this story before. I got chills and goosebumps reading it...thank you! Diana

  9. Wow! A great story....gave me chill bumps! Encouraging way to start my day!

  10. Great story! And I often wonder how many times God has caused a diversion in my own life or the lives of my husband or kids which would otherwise have resulted in disaster - times that we're not even aware of.

  11. Hi! Diana, WoW! what a story! Oh the picture that just popped before me! Both of my son's are Police Officers! I have to agree w/Vintage Linen's reply I did not know I was holding my breath! All I will say is, Thank You Lord for your divine intervention! Love ya! girl.

  12. Isn't it amazing when you just follow that voice inside your heart?

  13. This story is so very awesome and shows exactly how GOD works his miracles through other people.. Thank you so much for sharing!


  14. Hi -

    I loved this. I wonder if the shopkeeper knows what his gesture did!

    Praise GOD for how He acted!