Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tale of the Tomatoes


This is a story that only a gardener will appreciate. I would like to acknowledge the contributions made to the events documented in the story, I must thank my gardening buddy, Pam. Also, I must acknowledge Jerry to which we owe a great deal for his contributions that led to a positive outcome in this tale.

Chapter 1

Thanks to a couple of heavy frosts recently, Pam and I lost all our tomato plants. After I checked six or seven stores with no luck for replacements, Pam finally found some in Frisco yesterday and got them replanted for us late yesterday afternoon.

Chapter 2

Then.....the weather forecast came through no more than a couple of hours later last night. We got the forecast for rain, high winds, and possible hail. Shortly thereafter, the rain hit. Jerry and I were determined to save the plants. We were frantically brainstorming how we could cover the new little plants. I had no traditional things gardeners usually use like cans, milk cartons, etc. AH........tea glasses! We carried out all the large tea glasses in the house and covered them. Yes, during the rain and wind.

Chapter 3

Today after Easter lunch, I went out with pants rolled up and no shoes to retrieve the glasses. Every one of our precious little tomato plants had survived!


The sun is still out as of 7:00 p.m. this evening. The dishwasher has been unloaded, and all the tea glasses are back in the cabinet. However.....the weather on the evening news has just said there is a storm with high winds and hail in Gainesville moving southeast towards us. We are now getting the tea glasses back out!!

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  1. so is this where the expression "tastes like dirt" comes from? people using their kitchenware in the garden