Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Simon Cowell judge no more!

This is a fantastic clip. If you have not seen or heard about this wonderful Scotland woman, grab a kleenex and get ready to watch a performance of a lifetime. Susan Boyle is her name. She is a 47-year-old church volunteer from West Lothian that has become an unlikely overnight singing sensation with millions watching her perform online. She's competing on Britain's Got Talent.

Susan stunned the Britain audience with a standing ovation performance this week from the first words out of her mouth. During the introductions, you could see the expressions and skepticism on all of their faces. Her song not only left the judges and audience speechless, it hopefully shamed them (and perhaps us) for being so cynical and judgmental as she walked out on the stage. What a performance. She's got my vote!!!

Click to watch her performance.

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  1. Wow! This was amazying! I LOVE that she showed them! Greatness!