Tuesday, October 2, 2018

San Diego Trip

Tim, Rick and I flew to San Diego Thursday to see Marci and Donnie. We took the 6:00 am flight out so we arrived in time to go to Old Town for a great breakfast. That evening we went to the beach. Marci had packed snacks, and Donnie cooked hamburgers.

On Friday, we had tickets to the Blue Angels' Airshow at Miramar. Marci had gotten us great seats that included tent seating. The weather was great, and we could come and go from our table seating under the tent to the outside to get closer when the actual flying was occurring. The setup was great and helped Rick not get too tired.

Saturday, Marci had another great day planned! Marci knows her brothers (and me) all too well. We are all real John Wayne fans. First, she and Donnie took us to his gravesite at Pacific View Memorial Park in Newport Beach. No longer unmarked, his grave is now marked by a beautiful plaque. It was a spectacular morning up on that hill overlooking the city and water.

Then we went to see his yacht, the Wild Goose. We hopped out of our vehicle (basically in a no parking area) only to snap a few photos of the outside of it. We were greeted by a nice man and ended up getting a tour of the yacht. WHAT?! Our own little private tour! We were totally amazed that we got to do this. The yacht was like a time capsule of where much of John Wayne 's social life occurred. Although he sold it before he died, it remains in use today for private events.

Sunday, we enjoyed some time at the house and went out to eat at a favorite spot. We flew home yesterday. Marci and Donnie, thank you for a great visit! Until next time.....

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