Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cousins Reunited 

On Saturday, April 1, Jerry, Marilyn and I went to Cleburne, Texas to meet three of our cousins and their families. In February when we found out that one of our older cousins had passed away, Marilyn and I decided we would try to make contact with all of our living cousins on Daddy's side. You have to know that Daddy was the baby boy out of 11 siblings. Therefore, his oldest siblings already had children of their own when he was born. That makes for a gap between all of our first cousins!

Anyway, I found an old business card I had kept and started with that. After several phone calls and messages through Facebook, we were on a roll. Our oldest cousin's daughter-in-law helped set everything up. 

Uncle Eustice's (Daddy's older brother) family was thrilled that we had made contact and wanted to meet up with us. Mary Jo, the  middle lady, is our oldest living cousin at 89 years old. She came all the way from Michigan with her daughter to meet up with us. Jane came from Branson, Missouri. Jimmie Charles and several of his children came from Burnet, Texas.

Thanks to Marilyn and all her work, we shared ancestry information with them. It was a great day!

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