Monday, January 30, 2017

Not Luck, Not Happenstance -- But Rather the Providence of God

We left the lake about 9:00 this morning. We were ten miles from home when the alternator on the truck went out. I had a little warning but was not able to get off the rode with the RV before it died completely on me IN THE MIDDLE OF MY LANE ON THE HIGHWAY!

I had no power to even turn flashers on. That meant cars, pickups, and 18 wheelers zooming up in the other lane as well as my lane and realizing at the last minute I was stalled. We immediately called 911.

Our first angel.....A friend "happened" by and recognized us! He immediately turned around and came up behind us and put on his flashers. Now at least those paying attention realized something was going on. Those not paying attention came up on his truck and slammed on their brakes. Our friend said he would stay with us until emergency personnel arrived.

Our second angel...I called Marilyn to come.

Our third angel...a man walked out from the McDonald's down to where we were. He was having coffee and noticed out the window what was going on. He just "happened" to be a mechanic!

Marilyn took Rick to the O'Reilly's that just "happened" to be a quarter of a mile down the road to buy a new alternator. Our new mechanic friend then began his work.

Within an hour and ten minutes, we were rolling. We got home ten minutes later!

I document this to mainly say I am grateful. I am so thankful that:

*we were very close to home
*there we no injuries or wrecks that resulted from this stall
*God watches over us and cares for us
*there are angels

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