Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Late Recap of the 4th

Well, another 4th and Firework Season is in the books. With the 4th falling on a Monday, the kids actually had two full weekends to sell. We had lots of meals, fun, and family time. Lisa, Anja, and Chad did not get to be with us at all. Chad was really bummed; this was his first 4th to ever miss! He just couldn't get the time to fly in from Singapore for such a short time. (The upside to this is knowing he and Tara will be coming home to the states for good in October.)

Highlights of the season:
*the guys did three city shows and one private show
*record sales
*Keelie and Justin about 8 months pregnant with #3
*Jenna and Jared with Marlow celebrating her first July 4th
*Lisa in Minnesota 8 and 1/2 months pregnant with #2; Greg facetiming each night
*Jonah and Glory at such fun stages 
*Marilyn taking candid shots of my family
*visited with lots of friends and met new ones
*we survived the heat
*were together as a family with lots of craziness thrown in

Wouldn't take for it!

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