Tuesday, April 14, 2015

  A Baby and Fam Time

I haven't journaled since last Tuesday for a reason! It seems late Tuesday afternoon things began to go south for me at Texas Motor Speedway. I developed some stomach issues; then later in the week I got some upper respiratory and laryngitis added to the mix. It was bad enough that I had to stay in bed some. The stomach stuff got better, so by Thursday evening we were able to drive into Keller from the race track to meet Jenna and Jared.

At dinner, Jenna and Jared gave us a little gift for helping them move. When I opened it, there were the cutest three little white baby onesies! They are pregnant! (It's very early about five weeks.) We are so excited! We were not surprised. They had already told us they were ready to start a family, and it would be sooner than later. Although they have only been married since November, they had dated three years, both have established careers, and they were 30+ years of age when they married. 

After a celebratory dinner, Jenna went with us to spend the night at the track. Marilyn and Rickie had gotten there by then.

Friday morning, Jenna and I drove home to see Glory in a play at school. She did great. We couldn't believe our little first grader had two solos!

Justin and Jonah came back with us to the race track after the play. Jared came out after he got off work Friday afternoon. It was great to go to the Friday night race together and have all of them with us in the RV that night.  

Jonah did the pinewood derby car race at the Christian Raceway Ministry tent Saturday morning. That's always fun for him. 

Lots of good food and fam time made it all worth the sick stuff going on. We are so blessed!


  1. I am sorry that you got sick..that is NEVER a good thing! Congratulations and how exciting to have a new baby coming along.
    Your little sweetie is so cute with her two solos! Just precious, aren't they?
    Have a good week- xo Diana

  2. Ooooooo...that is such exciting news!! A new baby blessing!! There is just nothing like being a grandmother, is there?

    Sorry you have been sick. That's no fun, but it sounds like there was lots of fun afterward!

  3. What exciting news. A new baby is always such a happy time. Hope you are feeling better now.