Friday, August 1, 2014

This has been a great month for many reasons. Today reason #4

My Birthday Meal(s) With Family - First just an impromptu - "who's around at 11:30" kind of lunch at Tin Star. It took us 15 minutes to devour our food, and then we visited for another two and half hours. SO FUN!

Marilyn made this later in the week to celebrate. And...although I forgot a pic, we had grilled burgers at Keelie and Justin's house. 

Keelie made these!

Thoughtful family!

And now.......It's August!


  1. Happy BIRTHDAY!!!! Loved seeing how you celebrate! I am thrilled that today is August 1st!!! Just 30 days and a wake up to my favorite day of the year!!!

  2. That cake looks amazing! And, Happy Birthday!